The Times Are A Changing With Roger Stone and General Mike Flynn, Rally To Focus On Activism

“For the loser now, Will be later to win,” Bob Dylan

What opponents of President Donald J. Trump call a “personality cult” or a wild group of “conspiracy kooks” is becoming a mature, well organized, and well thought out movement that began at our American Revolution in 1776 and exists today with people like General Mike Flynn and Political icon Roger Stone.

“This is a fight between good and evil. There is a path forward,” Stone said at a recent patriot rally in Florida, where Stone and Flynn together pushed back on the left’s narrative of “conspiracy” and called for people to engage in more political activism than ever to save America.

“MAGA Celebrities” are being joined by the MAGA working-class in unity to demand their individual sovereignty from an invasive government. It is a Populist movement. And it isn’t new at all. Populist, in part, means it includes Democrats and Republicans, and they are all mad as heck at Washington DC, just like they were in 1976.

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