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Ruby Freeman Admissions Revealed In Police Body Cam

Cobb County police body cam footage of Ruby Freeman reveal stunning admissions that directly
contradict allegations made under oath by January 6th Committee witnesses, mainstream media
reporters, members of Congress, and by lawyers in sworn statements in Federal Court. In the
footage, it appears that Ms. Freeman volunteers to blow the whistle on election fraud and alleges
a coverup by the Georgia Secretary of State, the DOJ/FBI, the GBI, and the Fulton County DA.

See Full Authentic Body Cam attached for the complete unedited video of the Jan 4, 2021

10:30pm meeting at the Cobb County police station with Trump Campaign Aide.

(00:20) Trevian Kutti: For hi all. No problem. Hi, good evening. How are you?

Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with us. Um, we didn’t frighten you, but we had to find
you within this time frame. Um, I’m here because I received a call, not that I didn’t know about
this situation before, because I had heard. But it wasn’t, uh as serious a concern because
( Inaudble) I receive a call regarding the severity of the situation that’s been unfolding regarding
your election participation.

And, we would like to let you know first and foremost that we have put in placement a way to
move you, to secure you, for what may be the next 48hrs. We probably have 48hrs to move you.
We would do it on your schedule. We would move you somewhere, where you would know you
are ultimately feel safe, with people who can protect you. I cannot say what will specifically take
place. I just know that it will disrupt your freedom and the freedom of one, or more of your
family members.

Um, I would like to connect now on the phone Harrison Floyd. Who would be taking, uh, this
situation to a detailed level for you to let you know exactly what is existing. What choices you
have, whether you choose or not to deal with us. I am not your enemy. This is Garrison, he
works with me.

But Harrison Floyd would be the person to connect you to people who can give you as much
sovereignty as we can find for you, as much safety that we can find for you at this moment.
These officers are more than, wel – ugh, you know welcome to escort you. But I am sure you’re
to hear what we need to do sooner rather than later. All the names involved; I believe that you
would know who they are, that people that you know can help give you whatever autonomy that
could be possible.

I don’t make guarantees. I’m only here to facilitate what needs to be done in order to give you as
much ( inaudible) as far as safety, as far as um taking you to a place where you can see what’s on
the table. What is up against your freedom, and your future, uh and I wanted to listen you. I don’t
want to make you uncomfortable. I don’t know how you’re feeling about it. Uh I do know that
for this situation to take the place that it is, to where you have officers who are on patrol, we are
not the only people who know who you are, for for me to be able to find you, and and have
multiple addresses in which to find your family there are those who also have your information.
And then secondary,

(Sigh) You are a loose end (inaudible)for a party that needs to tidy up. What’s loose of that they
will that you are lose about, for them. And that’s really why I am here. I work with some of the
biggest names in the industry. Crisis is my thing. Um, one thing we don’t want to do for you is
create another crisis. But what we know is ( Inaudible) finding how important it is that we
safety, and so you can find and figure out, if you, the steps you want to take. If you choose to
take any at all. We don’t have to be able to ascertain where you are, um, how you’re feeling. I
don’t want to push anything other than what I know is factual at this time. Im not hear to scare
you, but Im here to tell, to give you the reason why I came here. I knocked on multiple doors
trying to find you, out of concern for you. For me, personally, I have no interest in it, there is
nothing that I gain from up other than knowing what you are up against. And knowing that there
is nobody ( inaudible) that’s as nice, but as truthful and as direct that I can be for you right now.

Anything you’d love to say to me I’d love to hear it. Anything that you have a fear of with me, or
anything I’m saying to you please share it. Um I just really need for you to understand that …
you ( Pause)

Um, I’m gonna call Harrison Floyd. I’m going to put him on speaker phone.
( 5:56) Ms. Freeman And who is Harrison Floyd?

(5:57) Trevian Kutti Harrison Floyd is a black progressive crisis manager at a very high level
with authoritative powers to get you the protection that you need. He is the one that actually
called me. So, I want to let the officer to know that this is, at this moment, a conversation between private
citizens. I am hoping that you are trusting that this information doesn’t go any further. Um, I
have to honestly advise I don’t know her background, I’m not distrusting her background but at
the same time, what we need to do for you, if you want protection, I think there needs to be some
autonomy. They can search me. I’m not here to hurt you. Um, I just know that some of the details
need to be (inaudible)

(07:01) Officer: I step over there. If you’re, if you’re comfortable. That’s fine?

(07:05) Ms. Freeman: Yeah. I, I want her to be comfortable, but I also wanna advise her that
there are federal people who are involved here that I don’t know who is connected to who, and,
uh, I really need for her to be as nonchalant as possible with this conversation that we are going
to have so that if she does make a decision, she’s protected in her decisions.

(07:31) Officer: Hum. Ms. Freeman I can step right there if youre comfortable with that. Okay?
If you need me hollerer. I’ll be down that hall, that hallway right there. ( inaudible)

(7:40) Trevian Kutti: Thank you so much

(7:42) Officer: You’re welcome

(08:23) Speaker 4: Okay. Good. Okay. And so like, okay.

(7:59) Harrison Floyd: Hello?

(8:00) Trevian Kutti: Harrison?

(8:02) Harrison Floyd: Hey

(8:03) Trevian Kutti: Hi. Im sitting here with Ms. Ruby. Um, I have just briefly introduced you.
Um …. (In audible)

(8:23) Harrison Floyd: Ok. Who else, who else is there?

(8:26) Trevian Kutti Um I ( In audible)

(8:56) Harrison Floyd Garrison, How are you?

(8:58) Garrison Douglas Good, how are you Harrison?

(9:34) Harrison Floyd .. see me on CBS, do you know what I’m talking about?

(9:36) Ruby Freeman: Yes.

(9:38) Harrison Floyd: You remember that? It was a …But um …so that uh…. So first let me say
this is a private conversation between two citizens. Um, I promise you I am not recording this, no
one else is listening in on this. Um, this is just me and you. Is that ok with you?

(10:16) Ruby Freeman: Yeah

(10:17) Harrison Floyd: Ok. Um, so, apparently you’d like …. And uh, I think a lot of people
would like … so that by, you know … Talk to us. So first let me ask you, so whatever you say
this is a conversation between private citizens. … this conversation is not gonna …

(11:48) Ruby Freeman: Um, Im good. But uh

(14:29) Harrison Floyd: So, I am not sure if you are aware of this… because that recording….
Rather than … to decide what im going to do……

(15:50) Harrison Floyd: .. So, let me tell you what I can do for you….. If you, if you want to be
moved, we can move you to wherever you want to go. If you need a lawyer …. Otherwise. But
the only way I will … If there is anything that.

(17:20) Ruby Freeman: So, so she, doesn’t …. They should go back to …

(18:57) Harrison Floyd: So, so let me put it this way for you then. On the tape where it says ….
If you decide that ….. You are in a position right now because …. You’re the one who did it, but
that’s not the way it was…. Say that you mouthed off, cause there is a couple things there …. So
when you confirm (20:40) So what im saying is that ….. I know some people that …. There are

(21:19) Ruby Freeman: Ok, so they …. My name … I aint sat ….

(21:59) Trevian Kutti: Allegedly, Allegedly.

(22:10) Ruby Freeman: But I do want an attorney, but nobody now its me, its all a fraud. So I do,
I do wanted one, I know that I need an attorney. I have asked several different …. All about it
and not heard back from. And even when I met with ugh Secretary of State … um, They didn’t
ask nothing else about fraud, they didn’t ask about an attorney. So, I do want an attorney. I know
I need an attorney. I haven’t answered any questions because I don’t have an attorney.”
(Inaudible as officer motion and buzzes interfere.) I didn’t even watch a lot of the youtube, I
think I saw one about the DA he said … and everything they are saying is false. Everything.
From the quote unquote suitcases of the ballot boxes, to the why we opened them back up.
Everything they said was fraud. Now if they’re they did say that they cut, they cleared, they
cleared there name, as to what happened with the ballot box. But nobody telling me and I don’t
understand that. The FBI, nobody has reached out to me. They reached out to me only to uh
kinda clear my social media, (inaudible) how to, im not that savy to you know what I was
commenting on … where I was listening to different to church services and if I would have
comment they would have (inaudible at 24:20) so.

(24:21) Trevian Kutti: No, No, No. Basically ….

(24:28) Ruby Freeman: … I had not heard anything. Which was it?

(24:31) Trevian Kutti: Exactly… Im say that this, They are not.. They are putting on… They are
going to drop this on you. There are … To explain

(25:38) Ruby Freeman: Help me out cause I don’t see it like that. I don’t, maybe Im not
explaining what they did. They was just .. what I could have done.

(25:45) Trevian Kutti: “private”

(25:46) Ruby Freeman: “I mean in private so that when I comment, they wouldn’t see it and
jump on it.

(25:55) Trevian Kutti: “Right.”

(25:57) Ruby Freeman: “So I feel it was helpful.”

(26:02) Harrison Floyd: “Well, Ms. Ruby, what TK is saying here is ..

(26:16) Ruby Freeman: “ Fine. Because. If I went on, If I listen to church services on facebook.
Facebook live, everybody wanna go to church on line. Because they have my name, and because
they know I’m on Facebook. If I comment. If they are preaching, and I say “Amen”, or that was a
little, Whatever I say. They, wherever my name appears, they would jump in. So if they take it
out so it wont be public, it would be private, then they can’t jump in. So can you guys help me?

(26:59) Trevian Kutti: So if it’s not public nobody would be able to see your comments.

(27:06) Ruby Freeman: That’s why we went white.

(27:07) Trevian Kutti: Ok, so that’s not really an issue. Um.

(27:13) Ruby Freeman: So you’re just saying … they didn’t help me.

(27:17) Trevian Kutti: That’s what Im saying. They didn’t…… You don’t understand

(27:23) Ruby Freeman: No I don’t.

(27:25) Trevain Kutti: Inaudible … um … everything you are trained . But um, you, There are
things that are going to um … that you may not have anything to do with. But at this point,
you’re getting the blame for it. (inaudible) removed from … and um … If there is anything that
you ( inaudible) so .. um .. but we do know there is a horrible …. So we probably have to …
what it is that ….. you don’t get called up.

(28:49) Ruby Freeman: .. I want … and my kid. I didn’t have any money for it thats why ..

(29:00) Trevian Kutti: Im telling you,( Buzz) so what we.. we want to … and well .. everything
that comes from you has to be true. You have to do it, .. and .. if you don’t, someone is going to
for you.

(29:47) Ruby Freeman: Ok, we are saying the same thing over. And I appreciate you. Like I said,
I do want an attorney.

(29:52) Trevian Kutti: So Harrison, So Harrison. When can we

(29:58) Ruby Freeman: Thank you

(30:01) Ruby Freeman: I … I understand. Lets do it.

(30:05) Trevian Kutti: Ok. She is on board. (Inaudible) as far as they knew she has had to sign it.

(30:23) Harrison Floyd: Ms Ruby, um, did …. change the counts. I know people who will make
sure you are safe and secure if you were to, IF, to whatever it is that you … or to that … um so
what I can do for you … um …have … to pay for this directly. They are only going to make sure
… the right thing is to happen. So, before I can call them, because I’ll need to tell them you have
something, for, to say to make sure the right thing is going to happen. There is a couple things I
need you to confirm. Just to make sure. Is that ok with you?

(31:33) Ruby Freeman: Yes.

(31:38) Harrison Floyd: Ok. So you mentioned a couple things, and Im not going to lie to you …
but … the ballot boxes. Are you sure about that?”

(31:54) Ruby Freeman: “Yes. I had to put them up under the table.”

(32:00) Harrison Floyd: “So you put them under the table at the …. ?”

(32:04) Ruby Freeman: “Yes. And …. All .. ”

(32:08) Harrison Floyd: So there were more people involved?”

(32:10) Ruby Freeman: “Yes”

(32:12) Harrison Floyd: “ Ok. And then, Now what was in the lock boxes, I assume this is a
ballot box.

(32:18) Ruby Freeman: UM hum

(32:19) Harrison Floyd: So, there where ballots … But um, did you know what was already on
the ballots already inside the ballot box?

(32:27) Ruby Freeman: “No we don’t, No we don’t look at them. I couldn’t tell you who had the
most, who had the least. The only thing that (inaudible) mention sometimes was why is that stack
is larger then that stack. They wasn’t asking me but they was asking the leader for the
(inaudible) at the county. And the answer is do you know what stack they are working on at this
particular time. And of course, no they don’t. They start… get back. because it’s a democrat
stack… and got another stack over there… cause it’s a republican stack. So they don’t focus on
that. That was asked. Um. So. You don’t know what’s in the ballot boxes, other than ballots. But
as far as whose ballot, it’s not separated. It’s separated by precient. But not by party.

(33:39) Harrison Floyd: So, so, let me ask you this. When you set those ballot box, um, were
those honest ballots?

(33:51) Ruby Freeman: Yeah. We had been there like since like 5:30 that morning. The
procedures are the ballot come in envelope, like you put it in the mail. There is a part, you take
em out and they put them in the tray. And they give the trays to the clerks. The clerks open them
up, you know, cut em. And give them to the next (inaudible) … so they take them out over there
and have the ballot. And you make sure the envelopes and ballots do match up. You know, to
make sure its the same as it was when it came in the mail. But as to if it was Democratic or
Republican party we don’t know that. I just had pictures of that, Im getting read to share these ..

(34:54) Trevain Kutti: You’re saying that, they gave me 100. Im supposed to make sure there is

(34:49) Ruby Freeman: And then it goes to the scanner.

(35:02) Trevian Kutti: And the scanners have that count … they know who …

(35:26) Body Cam is muted.

(36:27) Un-muted

Inuadible and competing sounds from nearby office.

36:47 Ruby Freeman: Nobody want to be the bigger about it. Who put it under the table?
Because they could have been distorted! Because they knew everybody was being recorded. I
swear on my mama’ em. They came and came around me having everything all looking
important. So there was a few that um needed to be duplicated, or needed to be scanned. .. So
when Secretary of State called, I work with Secretary of State. I talk to them all the time…

Because I work with Fulton County. And I came back. And then I work, I started out .. and then I
got a permit for 911. So when I left I .. county.. always in .. and now that im …. I don’t know …
Im good at what I do, whats wrong. I said that’s why I left 911 .. and I didn’t want to be there
and I had two years left and I’m like, let somebody else do it, cause the job needs to be done
right. And I left. So when I came back, I’m coming back to help.

I mind my own business. …. the republican party they come in and they observe. They would
tell um, not my supervisor, that’s my daughter, her supervisor, He came to me one day and he
said that they had known that there were a couple of … that were coming and that they were
hardcore. But Im minding my business, I don’t care nothing about no hardcore, softcore…. And
they are watching. And when they left he came over and he said they just wanted me to … that
you was the hardest worker… and I said thank you… so um.. like I get back to the … I was there
that night. But I stayed because there was …. But that was my daughter … inaudible.

There was always something to do. They are always working.. remembering that when we came
in, in the morning these staplers, whatever, were always in a, in a box. And I was like what the,
there still here, we can both walk out together. You know. There still there And we’re packing up
and I’ve already packed up everything. And I was and I put everything in order. So that, that day,
wont nobody have to do that, I will do it.” So when the guy that left everyday at

(40:10) Officer: “I feel like I haven’t seen you in like three months”

(40:14) Ruby Freeman: …“and he said and they was saying the count was low the count was
really low and is there ah are all of the ballots counted? And so the guy asked me, was like no
there was a few more and we can get those in the morning because there wasn’t that many. They
said well count as many as you can – count all of them you know, count. So my daughter said
mama, get on the scanner. I said, “You want me to do what?” Because I didn’t scan, she said “we
need to do this so we could get up outta here.” So there wasnt even nobody else …. because
there were no more work to be done, except to scan! So… they was just gone in the bucket. So
when they said that, BOOM under the table. Cut the zip ties to scan them so the number would
go up, so that’s how the number was created, by the ballots going through the scanner. So when,
ugh, when all of them were done, we got the final count and we put them back in the bucket and
zip tied them and put em back under the table. So that’s the reason the ballots came out from
under the table and we re-opened them up.”

(41:40) Harrison Floyd: Do you know, um, … process …

(42:04) Ruby Freeman: “I know what I did. I dont know what you’re talking about. I know what
I did.

(42:10) Harrison Floyd (Inaudible)… “you’re very very good. You know this process. Cause I
don’t.” (Inaudible) So, what Im saying to you, is that because you know that process so well …
somebody above you … your not. Just to be straight forward. If you would like to tell it … there
might be something … willing to do to help you.

(43:49) Ruby Freeman: So where are we now?

(43:52) Harrison Floyd: Is that … (inaudible)

(44:57) Ruby Freeman: She is still there. The lady, there still there. They will be there. They will
be there. How? Um .. My daughter, she … every year. Not to be a burden, but every year. She
always had to do it, but not like this! Of course she would never say it but it’s like it’s my fault.
She used to think it was her fault for me wanting to work there. But I say now its like this, It’s
my fault because, my name, I had my my business name up, so that’s where they got my name
from. That’s how they attacked my social media and my business. Because of the lanyard that I
had there, they could see it.

(46:22) Harrison Floyd: (inaudible) That’s the ….

(46:25) Ruby Freeman: No but, but, but but my name, I put my name there.

(46:30) Trevian Kutti: “At the election/”…

(46:32) Ruby Freeman: “At the election stripe. I put it there.

(46:38) Trevian Kutti: “on her placard with her name.”

(46:40) Ruby Freeman: “Yes, Ruby’s Unique Trade. So they attacked my business everything,
address, everything. So my daughter feels that, I don’t know if she thinks of me as bad? Because
she (inaudible) but the rubber meets the road is where now our name is attached to it. Because
when Commissioner, now this is what I…When she was little, she’s says mommy you got a
good job. You know, you left a good job and I was trying to explain it to her in government they
don’t care really about you because they can replace you and put you out the door.

And I know and I know she made a comment once that she when it first happened she … they
don’t care nothing about that. Because right before that, a week before the election they made her
supervisor of Absentee Ballots. I know how that works. All that was was that so she would do a
good, she would do a good job, real good job, a good job, she would do a real good job.

I know that. But I was not.. Do you know that they had not given her her .. for that? (Inaudible)
Exactly, but that hurt her. Now, if she takes it out on me, because I had did this and I don’t have
any friends because of you and uh uh uh. Well, I have to take the heat for her … but.

(49:00) Harrison Floyd: …. the extremely nice thing about …

(49:23) Ruby Freeman: And that video that they had, um, with me, on facebook live. Which,
when I got in there I’m always the first one in and the last one to leave. (iinaudible as officer
moves chair) everyday everyday. The white lady, she say you need to make sure you get here
before everybody else get here. Come back to help. Because I can stay at home. Nothing was

I’m just showing where I was and you know and you know here is where I am. Well you didn’t
hear what I said everything was there, you know. So, I was really there to help.

(50:54) Harrison Floyd: Inaudible … I hear your saying … you think you had the wrong …
revelation … decide then .. and I don’t want to do .. make sure … that’s up for you to decide. Im
not trying to force you to

(52:13) Ruby Freeman: Let me tell you, let me tell you how I am just…Let me tell you how I am
perceiving what you’re saying is that There’s something that happened that I’m not seeing that
happened that can clear me but I’m holding onto what I’m saying that happened which is
nothing. (Inaudible)

(Inaudible as officer moves)

(53:17) Ruby Freeman: Shaye!

(53:18) Trevian Kutti: where’s Shaye?

(53:22) Ruby Freeman: She’s working. (inaudible)

(53:32) Trevian Kutti: Ok so that’s the same person. (Inaudible) Why is it that you two are …
those who…

(53:49) Ruby Freeman: Shay.

(53:51) Trevain Kutti: Ok

(53:52) Ruby Freeman: and the other two ladies. remember my name was there. That’s why.
They have my name (Ianudible)

(54:10) Ruby Freeman: Because, like I said.

(54:16) Trevian Kutti: There is other stuff (Inaudible) and the ball got dropped. And that’s all im

(54:26) Ruby Freeman: Ok. Ok. I still say I want an attorney but he was saying that ….

(54:34) Trevian Kutti: But we know that you should not be … none of these people are gonna …
none of these people are gonna. (Inaudible)

(55:10) Ruby Freeman: The is some other stuff.

(55:12) Trevian Kutti: If there is other stuff, you know.. keep

(55:38) Ruby Freeman: “There is other stuff and to do something to see if the attorney would be
of the interest. So, I think I’ve said enough that the attorney would be interested because I am not
(inaudible) but the part I did not discuss I want to go live, with more, so because we all know the
County don’t care nothing about me. okay. We got that, but the other part – that cleared the
County, they cleared my name as far as the ballots. But the other part, the USB port, that’s a
totally different thing and to me, the County don’t care about clearing that because that was
something I had in my name, so they say. Even though the County said doing ballots was the
only. And that’s why I want an attorney because I know that my name needs to be cleared with
that. It was on youtube, videos, and everything and I know I need an attorney. The Ballots don’t
matter no more.

(56:52) Trevian Kutti: “because the ballots are not, they’re not even (inaudible)”

(56:50) Ruby Freeman: (inaudible) The ballots don’t matter no more. There … a usb. That’s why
I said I need an attorney, So I can explain the whole thing. Why you talking about that movie?
Angels? You see exactly how it all went down.

(57:08) Trevian Kutti: “Yes”

(57:09) Ruby Freeman: “It is serious. It is deep. It is so real, It is so…They will not. They will
believe it because I’m good at explaining myself if I’m right. That’s why if I’m not, I leavin. I’m
not that knowledgeable because the last one I did was a church for Mr. Trump, I was in, uh we it
was, not Trump, President Obama, it was nothing like now. We are talking about years later,
twelve years later? So it was nothing like that it was small we was in a little office um in
government center. So this was major. So the way you did things now even the scanning and the
cutting and everything was totally different. And I didn’t work in that mass in that big place.

So it was nothing like that So everything I learned in this one right here I learned right now. I
didn’t know any of this before I started. I didn’t start until;…

(58:21) Trevain Kutti: It was on the job training.

(58:21) Ruby Freeman: Yes! We started in August this on for the the runoff that was an office
(Inaudible) and the reason I was so excited about it, another thing is that when we were down at
Howards there was nothing going on and he would count em up and we would put em in uh by
precincts and then when by precincts you’d get so many and you’d do bundles of a hundred. So
we was doing that. But then they needed quote unquote some good people at State Farm. And
then still they got to me because when I went to State Farm and I saw the red boxes and I’m like
oh my God, Helen the boxes and the ballots and now I’m having to take the ballots out so I’m
having to go through the whole process. But when they came in the mail right to sticking to State
Farm into precincts by you know, hundreds. So yeah I was excited about the whole thing.

But the USB ports, but really, I really, I would love to go live with that because the ballots is
history. Even though my name is still lingering and people are going to believe what they want to
believe. But now it’s the USB ports, so I need an attorney, I want to go live, I’ll go live on every
platform because it will blow your mind. And you are going to be amazed at that picture…”

(1:00:04) came to your mind, That picture came to your mind and when you thought about me.
You are going to be amazed.

(1:00:12) Harrison Floyd: (Inaudible) Ms. Ruby, what will I be amazed by.

(1:00:14) Ruby Freeman: “I can’t tell you, I want an attorney and I want to go live. And I need
an attorney and I can tell you then. But everybody needs to know how dumb they are.

(1:00:28) Harrison Floyd: (Inaudible)

(1:00:34) Ruby Freeman: laugh

(1:01:45) (no longer muted)

(1:02:00) Trevian Kutti: “Ok. So, Harrison. Um, So, Ms. Ruby … clear her name (inaudible) we
no longer..

(1:02:19) Harrison Floyd: (Inaudible) Well I …. Good luck. Stay safe. Allow me to just

(1:02:54) Responding Officer (to other officer): “I fell like The latest report is going to be for

(1:02:57) Other Officer: “Say what?”

(1:02:59) Responding Officer: “This report will be media entrants. So..

(1:03:05) Other Officer: “Media what?”

(1”03:07) Responding Officer: “Mostly everything going to be in support of that. Pretty much
everything and it’s going to be real bland on public now.

(1:03:13) Other Officer: “I wouldn’t go too detailed on this at all because this might not even be
a thing. It’s just, she approached the door, she didn’t feel comfortable. We spoke with third
parties and she agreed to meet with their AOP(?). You don’t have to run with what they talked
about don’t worry about that.”

(1:03:25) Responding Officer: “Yeah”

(1:03:27) Other Officer: “So I mean this could be yeah so don’t go too…”

(1:03:30) Responding Officer: “No I’m not…”

(1:03:32) Other Officer: “You know you held (inaudible)… No date of birth, middle name?”

(1:03:42) Responding Officer: “Mmm hmm”

(1:03:46) Other Officer: “Okay. Yeah, yeah I wouldn’t, I mean there’s no crime here.

(1:03:49) Responding Officer: “Mmm Mmm, Yeah it’s, it’s just political.”

(1:03:52) Other Officer: “I mean at this point we generated a case number and we don’t even
know what we going on.”

(1:03:57) Responding Officer: “Because of, thing and we took all the necessary steps”

(1:04:06) Other Officer: “But yeah I mean, there’s not much for us anyway”


(1:06:40) Other Officer: “If you want to go home tonight, and clock in for a couple hours
tomorrow and finish it tomorrow, I’m fine, do you wanna do that?”

(1:06:47) Responding Officer: “It’s okay. It won’t take long for me. I’ve started a couple pages”


(1:07:39) Ruby Freeman: That’s why I was saying. I don’t know, I don’t.

(1:07:39) Trevian Kutti: Its there.

(1:07:39) Ruby Freeman: All I know is what I did. You know. I didn’t do nothing wrong, I don’t
know who did do something wrong.

(1:08:00) Responding Officer: “She wanted to be escorted going home and I’ll.. it’s on the way/”

(1:08:04) Other Officer: “It’s on your way home? Well, whenever she gets home?’

(1:08:43) Responding Officer: “Okay, I’m ready to escort you. Alright, Good night you too.

(1:08:56) Ruby Freeman: as Responding Officer walked her out: “He was a good one. And I
said, So what I’m receiving that you’re saying is that, now that I don’t have anything to say,
what you think I’m holding something, that might have happened, that didn’t. Now that you
know that I didn’t, so they’re not gonna” (Audio recording ends 1:09:22)

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