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EXCLUSIVE: Harrison Floyd set to challenge Marjorie Taylor Greene in GA 14th District

It turns out Harrison Floyd’s recent silence on social media is really the calm before the storm. The only Trump co-defendant to spend time in the infamous Fulton County Jail has been secretly preparing and is now set to challenge controversial Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene! 

Midas Touch recently reported Harrison Floyd, who worked on President Trump’s 2020 campaign, was considering the challenge. Contributor J.D. Wolf posted a detailed review of his social media posts and a recent podcast where Floyd revealed the idea of primarying Greene in her congressional district. Floyd led the effort that increased Black support for Trump in 2020, which could mean a devastating loss for Green in Georgia. 

A source with close knowledge told Bright News that Floyd is taking a different approach than Herschel Walker by bringing his own team into the Peach State. “Essentially, Marjorie is running against a small version of the 2020 Presidential Campaign. Harrison is bringing elite national-level experience to the 14th and this primary is going to be brutal!” Floyd is expected to campaign heavily on criminal justice reform, anti-corruption, and accountability. 

Amid heightened scrutiny surrounding Floyd’s legal predicament, the coming announcement will add another unexpected twist to an already dramatic saga regarding the Trump R.I.C.O. indictment in Atlanta, GA. Floyd, who is now 2-0 in the courtroom, has maintained his innocence in the ongoing legal battle and is moving like a man who knows the outcome will be in his favor. 

The GA 14th Congressional District, a Pro-Trump stronghold, has become a focal point of national attention due to Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s controversial statements and affiliations. Known for her unapologetic support of conspiracy theories and her outspoken stance on various issues, Greene has been a lightning rod for criticism. In recent months, there have been reports the district has become frustrated with her, and Harrison Floyd is prepared to give them something new. 

It’s not surprising the announcement seems to coincide with a new album release from Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. When asked if the Donda star is involved our source said, “Harrison has always been a huge fan of Mr. West and the campaign will have familiar themes. The launch event will feel more like an experience, there will be surprise guests and music you may or may not have heard yet. You’re going to want to be there.” 

As both candidates gear up for what is expected to be a highly discussed contest, the race is likely to be marked by intense scrutiny, heated debates, discussion on Floyd’s legal troubles, and Greene’s controversial track record. One thing is for certain, all eyes will be on Georgia in 2024.

Political observers anticipate this race will become a symbol of the broader ideological battle on race within the Republican Party and could influence the direction of conservative politics in Georgia.

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