Portland Mayor Calls for ‘Unmasking’ Violent Protesters, Antifa Riot Follows

Black Lives Matter and Antifa spoke out against Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s call to ‘unmask’ violent protesters. Hours after the mayor’s comments, another riot broke out in the city.

“We must stand together as a community against this ongoing criminal intimidation and violence,” Mayor Wheeler said on Friday. “Our job is to unmask them, arrest them, and prosecute them.”

“People know who these criminals are,” Wheeler continued.

A few hours later, violence broke out again in Portland following a social media post calling for demonstrators to “Bloc Up,” — a reference to the Antifa “uniform” of all black clothing, masks, and helmets, Breitbart News reported.

As demonstrators began blocking roadways, smashing windows, painting graffiti, and forcing their way into at least one occupied restaurant, police declared the incident to be a riot and ordered protesters to leave, Fox 12 Portland’s Drew Marine tweeted.

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