Exclusive Interview: Watch Anthony Blinken Go Soft On China To Victims Of CCP’s Potential Crimes Against Humanity

When an American diplomat blunders and stutters through a series of statements and then speaks with bravado like he has a big stick but follows that up with talking in circles and “hems.. and haws”, beware that you are being fed a long line of nonsense. Listen as the US is asked by a reporter about how worried they are about China squelching free speech in countries where there are horrible crimes going unreported by journalists.

“Our purpose is not to hold back China, even if we could. We believe we are helping China, and there is an order and when that order is challenged, we will defend it, because we are determined to uphold the order,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told a Geo News reporter from India who brought up concerns about China’s influence in his country and upon free speech there, to cover dramatic stories of crimes.

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