Can VR Help Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Return to the Job Force?

Every year, more than 650,000 individuals are released from prison in the United States and two-thirds of them will be rearrested within three years. A crucial factor in determining whether an individual will return to prison is their ability to find stable employment. Unfortunately, while the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted employment for many people, it has been particularly detrimental to vulnerable populations, including the formerly incarcerated.

A new VR experience might offer one inroad for addressing this complex problem.

The project, called “Project Overcome,” was created as a collaboration between Accenture and Goodwill. It provides individuals transitioning back to the workforce a simulation of the interview process with an HR manager and a coaching session with a career counselor. It’s based on scenarios that formerly incarcerated individuals often encounter, like having to explain their criminal record.

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