CNN’s Zakaria: World Prefers ‘Boring’ Biden G7 Pressers, Not Trump’s ‘Circus Freak Show’

CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria said Sunday on CNN that President Joe Biden’s G7 press conference was “boring” but preferred by the world when compared to former President Donald Trump’s “circus freak show.”

Zakaria said, “This was a huge reset, I mean, to begin with, and I hate to admit this, Biden’s press conference was in comparison to his predecessor, a little boring. You know, his predecessor, Donald Trump’s press conferences, particularly after meetings like the G7, were a freak show. They were a circus. You didn’t know whether he was about to blow up the alliance, you didn’t know whether he was about to announce that the United States was withdrawing, was going to impose new sanctions on his closest allies in the world.”

For the full article and video, click here.


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